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High-quality care without pain, stress, or discomfort.

At Hampstead Animal Hospital, the safest available anesthetics are used to provide an extra margin of security, especially for our older or high-risk patients. During all anesthetic procedures, our patients receive IV catheters, fluid support, and continual vital sign assessment.

Research has shown that a “multimodal approach” to anesthesia provides safety and optimal care. “Multimodal” simply means multiple modes, multiple methods, or the use of multiple drugs at lower doses (for increased safety) to provide pain management, sedation (reduced anxiety), and predictable anesthetic depth.

The specific drugs selected to provide anesthesia are not the same for each patient. A physical examination, blood screening, the pet’s medical history, and the intended procedure are considered together in selecting the anesthesia drugs.

Premedications allow for sedation (reduce apprehension) and pain prevention.

During the procedure, regional anesthesia or nerve blocks help dramatically with pain management and in the reduction of anesthesia gasses required to keep the pet anesthetized (sleeping). This “multimodal approach” greatly improves safety by using lower drug dosages.

After anesthesia, the pet is monitored very carefully and pets go home with medications for continued pain relief.

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