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Trustworthy Veterinary Resources

We know how difficult it can be to find trusted resources online. That’s why our team has taken the time to put this list together for you of resources you can trust to find veterinary information!

For All Pet Owners

Pet and Medical Information

Animal Poison Control

Pet Loss Support and Helplines


University of Florida

Nutrition and Home-cooked Diets


Balance It

Selecting Pet Food


Raw Diet Information


Oral Health and Dental Product Recommendations

Veterinary Oral Health Council

Heartworm Disease and Prevention

American Heartworm Society

Pets and Parasites

Companion Animal Parasite Council

Safe Disposal of Medications at Home

NH Dept of Environmental Services

Disposal Tips for Household Generated Sharps in NH

NH Dept of Environmental Services

24 Hour Emergency Hospitals

Rockingham Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Pet Health Insurance

Get Free Quotes and Compare Plans

Pet Microchip Lookup

AAHA universal microchip Lookup

Pet Rescue Organizations We Work with and Support

Doberman Rescue Unlimited

PAWS New England

Salem Animal Rescue League

National Pet Advocacy Organizations

Morris Animal Foundation

Humane Society of the US

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Canine Resources

Pet Diets and Dilated Cardiomyopathy – NC State Veterinary Hospital

Leptospirosis – American Veterinary Medical Association

Good and Bad Chews

Lost Dog Reporting and Recovery – Granite State Dog Recovery

Selecting the Right Dog Food

Body Condition Score for Dogs

Lyme Information Sheet

Anaplasma Information Sheet

DIY Enrichment Ideas for Dogs

Preventing Separation Anxiety after Covid-19

Boarding and Training

Fortunate K9

Mission Impawsible

All Dogs Gym and Inn

Anitech Dog Training

Exotic Pet Resources

Caring for Your Bunny


Why your Bunny Needs Wellness Care, too – Pet Health Network

Guinea Pigs

Vitamin C Supplementation for Guinea Pigs


Metabolic Bone Disease in Reptiles

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