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During dental procedures, many safety precautions are taken. All patients receive intravenous catheters and fluid therapy. This allows immediate access for the administration of pain medication, anesthetics, and rarely emergency medication. Fluid therapy helps to maintain tissue perfusion, blood pressure and prevents dehydration.

Pre-anesthetic blood work: Healthy-looking pets may be hiding symptoms of a significant medical problem. Bloodwork performed prior to your pet’s dental procedure allows identification of a major organ or metabolic abnormality that could be affecting your pet. The anesthetic procedure may then be altered to ensure safety.

Anesthesia and monitoring: Anesthesia is required for a safe, effective and comfortable dental cleaning and is tailored to each individual patient based on age, breed, weight, and medical history. During anesthesia, a veterinary nurse and veterinarian will closely monitor numerous vital signs including heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, carbon dioxide level, percent of oxygenation of the blood, respiratory rate and body temperature to make sure everything is going smoothly. We use state-of-the-art monitors and direct hands-on evaluations to monitor your pet throughout the dental procedure.

Home care: In order to prevent progressive disease, all patients are encouraged to start a home prevention program, such as tooth brushing, Oravet plaque inhibitor, dental diet, and/or other oral care products. Patients that require oral surgery will be given pain medication, special diet instructions, and possibly antibiotics to go home. We will schedule a courtesy follow-up visit in 1-2 weeks after the procedure to ensure proper healing.

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We serve Rockingham County including the towns of Atkinson, Salem, Plaistow, Derry, Fremont, Kingston, Danville, Hampstead, Chester, Windham, Haverhill, Newton, Methuen, and the surrounding areas.

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